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 Special event from 17-20th May only.

Special event from 17-20th May only.

Dining Manager Nizar along with Chef Yann and Chef Philippe Geneletti

Located in Ipoh, Garvy's French Dining is a purveyor of fine French dining from the esteemed Chef Philippe geneletti.

Chef Philippe Geneletti obtained in 1992 at the rank of 5th  best apprentice in France, Philippe Geneletti presents today a course made in numerous gourmet restaurants and internationally renowned resorts in which he quickly climbed The levels.

He began his career at Disneyland Paris in 1992 as a Party Chef at the Disneyland Hotel, a position he held for two years.

In 1994, he joined the team of the gastronomic restaurant 3 stars Michelin of the Relay 4 * Bernard Loiseau de Saulieu (Burgundy) to the post of Chef de Partie.

In 1997, he left France to become the Executive Chef of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino (4 * hotel) in Las Vegas, where he managed four restaurants, including the gastronomic "Fleur de Lys" Original cards and creating banquets from 50 to 10,000 guests. He continued his career in the United States by becoming Chef de Cuisine at the La Grappe d'Or (Wisconsin) gourmet restaurant in 1999.

Back in France in 2002, he worked in seasonal positions in various restaurants before taking up the position of Executive Chef of the 4 * Les Chalets de Thorens (Val Thorens, Savoie)

Philippe Geneletti returns to the heart of Disney's magic in 2003 when he became Executive Chef of the Manhattan Restaurant and Parkside Diner Restaurants at the New York Hotel (4 *) at Disneyland Paris.

He temporarily left Disneyland Paris in 2008 and took charge of the kitchens of the gourmet restaurant Les Pléiades (Barbizon, Seine et Marne) as Executive Chef of the Kitchens. It is within this establishment that Philippe Geneletti becomes Michelin-starred chef by obtaining his first star in 2009. He becomes one of the youngest starred chefs in France.



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2 World Class Michelin Chef

Experience world class french fine dining from 25Aug till 3Sept

 One Staf Michelin Chef Philippe Geneletti

One Staf Michelin Chef Philippe Geneletti

Chef philippe geneletti

After a training program at Loiseau, an experience with Ferran Adria and some years in the United-States, Philippe Geneletti won a Michelin star in the lovely village of Barbizon.

He remembers the food of its childhood but it is in the kitchen of well-known restaurants that his passion affirmed itself. The Michelin star that he won in 2009 was a pleasant surprise that congratulates him for his several years of work. Learning his passion since 15 years old he has amongst others things, attended the famous kitchen of Loiseau, Ferran Adria at El Bulli in Barcelona and the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, restaurants that have increased his cooking skills.
“A star brings dedication but also an adaptation of technology to more regularity and rigor.”Philippe Geneletti can count on his experience to reinforce this reward.

This innovative cooking leader likes to renovate the classic, but his greatest pleasure is primarily to please the customer. His imagination is totally devoted to kitchen and food lovers.

Chef Benjamin Lechevallier

Benjamin Lechevallier, Michelin Starred Chef, has worked alongside the greatest such as Jean-François Rouquette, the Pourcel brothers, Bruno Turbo and Eric Briffard. It is in 2011 that he opened his restaurant named "Origine" in Rouen, as to mean a restart in his career, a birth.Raised to good taste by his parents, his mother cooks remarkably and his father passion's for good products, chef Benjamin Lechevallier developed during his career a sense of humility, rigor and constant search for excellence and novelties.
 One Staf Michelin Chef Benjamin Lechevallier

One Staf Michelin Chef Benjamin Lechevallier

 Sommelier Mona Therese Khalife

Sommelier Mona Therese Khalife

Sommelier mona therese khalife

Mona Therese Khalife, renowned French Sommelier is a professionally trained wine and spirits expert and connoisseur. She has many years of experience in the hotel and fine dining culinary industry. She has the passion and enthusiasm in engaging closely along with the top Michelin Chefs around the world. Sommelier Mona and the Michelin Chefs are specialized in advising the most extraordinary wines that would best compliment the finest French cuisine.

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